About the Transconfluent Sphereography


Transconfluent Sphereography is a work of art in life … only one part, amongst many others … that connects ideas and emotions … “of” various people … in the senses of love, of forgiveness, of hope,  of healing …  happiness … in action … flowing through and beyond the work.

are invited to feel and think and write (in their own way, in their handwriting, in their language, or as they please) in these senses … and to send their writing in to become part of the Sphereography.

Several writings will be connected by drawing countless lines which are traced on paper with a ballpoint pen by the artist and/or collaborators.

The shapes of the letters and words that are handwritten by people will be traversed and/or connected intuitively by the new spontaneously drawn lines … and they will affect the directions and shapes of these and mor new lines.

The lines become interwoven, giving rise to an “abstract” whole that is present in the flow … in a process as it relates to new manuscripts, lines, movements, presence senses, and electromagnetic fields.

Manuscripts can be by sent  as a JPG file by email to amareloceleste@gmail.com. In addition, some will be received by the artist/or at meetings/experiences in which they are present.